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[icon] i gots to go to work. - and it breaks mon coeur qui bat
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Subject:i gots to go to work.
Time:11:43 am
Humeur actuelle:hungryhungry
Musique actuelle:christmas is all around_billy mack [love actually]

_i feel it in my finguuuhs,

  i feel it in my toes

  christ-mas iss all around us,

  so com'on and let it snow..._



13 random things you love...
01] things with character
toulouse, france
03] being freezing cold
04] panera breakfasts at
7.10am on wed. mornings w.the ones i care about most in the whole, wide world.
05] smoking on someone elses porch at
2.20am while they sleep, completely unaware
06] taking beautiful photographs
07] driving with the windows down, crying and belting out bombastic love songs w.the greatest singer in the world [céline, of course !]
08] when you get really giddy and drunk from staying up too late
09] the smell of old, musty books
10] spending large sums of money on worthless things because im depressed.
11] weiner dogs
12] films / songs / poems that change my life
13] old buildings that look kinda sad

12 films...
01] _the royal tenenbaums_
02] _le destin fabuleux d’amélie poulin_
03] _napoleon dynamite_
04] _bernice bobs her hair_
05] _the goonies_
06] _kindergarten cop_
07] _a very long engagement_ [the new film from Audrey tautou !
peoria will never show it tho cause its in french ! boo ! :(]
08] _dirty pretty things_

09] _garden state_

10] _adventures in babysitting_
11] _home alone 2: lost in new york_ [or _maman ! j’ai encore raté l’avion et je suis perdu a new york_ in french]
12] _eternal sunshine of the spotless mind_

11 good bands/artists...
01] aretha franklin [she overwhelms me with her incredible talent]

02] jean-jacques goldman
03] céline [of course… everyday i dislike her more and more, but she stills got the best potential]

04] renaud
05] damien rice
06] patricia kaas

07] the rolling stones
08] u2
09] the postal service
10] edward hopper [the painter]
11] jacques brel

10 things about you... physically…
01] 2 blue-grey eyes, 0 brown eyes
02] 5 ft. 10
03] ive got a cool scar on my arm from the waffle iron burning me at udd’s…
04] finger toes
05] 2 scars at the same exact spot on each of my shins [1 vertical, 1 horizontal] from when i fell on laura ringenberg’s front steps. theyre so cool—like stigmata or something.
06] i bite my nails
07] really thick, brown hair… poofy when long
08] big nose.
09] huge, dark birthmark covering part of my torso [less visible than in yesteryears]
10] ive got this little bb-sized knob sticking off the knuckle of my pinky [don’t know what it is or where it came from]

11 good friends [in no particular order]...
01] marcus
02] heather
03] malia
04] the rach
05] val
06] jaynelle
07] madeleine
08] gaston
09] michèle

10] amie

11] cass
dang i need some guy friends asap

8 favorite foods/drinks…
01] black coffee in a cereal bowl

02] spinach quiche

03] gateau basque
04] anything else my french family made me :’ (
05] honey almond ice cream :)
06] crushed ice and carbonated water from udd’s
07] green bean casserole

08] boûche de noël [joyeux noel ! jésus christ est né !]

7 things you wear daily…
01] my super-emo maroon adidas jacket
02] nothing [when i go to bed anyway]
03] burt’s bees wax
04] boxers
05] undershirt
06] chucks
07] socks

6 things that annoy you...
01] inconsistent formatting in documents [such as this one before i corrected it]
02] squeaky chairs
03] people that talk really loudly in the library
04] dumb & lazy co-workers

05] when i brush my teeth, then i get really hungry and have to eat something…
06] my mom

5 things you touch everyday…
01] my cell phone
02] my car keys
03] my alarm clock
04] my toothbrush
05] no one

4 shows you watch…
01] _arrested development_
02] _the simpsons_
03] _the newlyweds_
04] _degrassi_

3 celebrities you have a crush on…
01] audrey tautou
02] kate winslet
03] i think ive got a crush on céline dion

2 things you've done today…
01] crammed for a test that was post-poned to monday
02] coughed

one person you could spend the rest of your life with…
01] ___________________________________

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Time:2004-12-03 07:05 pm (UTC)
whats with the waffle iron at udd's burning everyone?? seriously.. i would be surprised if anyone survived working there without being branded by it.. i have scars all over my fingers and a couple huge ones on my arms.. its so insane.. but yet i love that thing at the same time.. good memories..
(Répondre) (Thread)

Time:2004-12-06 04:50 pm (UTC)
haha i *know* !!! its my favourite scar ever ! right after i got it, i wanted to make one on my other arm to match ! i guess i still could if i wanted to...
(Répondre) (Parent) (Thread)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Time:2004-12-06 04:51 pm (UTC)
yeah i sure will. the reason i havent yet is cause the pics are so big i need to upload them at icc [my house is dial-up] and i havent had a chance to burn them onto a cd yet. im doing that today tho. :) so i can upload them tomorrow if you wish. ;)
(Répondre) (Parent) (Thread)

Time:2004-12-06 04:52 pm (UTC)
haha when am i *not* evasive ?
(Répondre) (Parent) (Thread)

Time:2004-12-08 04:02 pm (UTC)
I love the movie love actually. good choice. and the adidas jacket- i'm wearing one now, excellent choice. :)
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[icon] i gots to go to work. - and it breaks mon coeur qui bat
View:Entrées récentes.
View:Website (deviantArt: tuNages).