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[icon] france. - and it breaks mon coeur qui bat
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Time:08:57 am
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Musique actuelle:these days_nico [the royal tenenbaums soundtrack]

finally our last stop, the city of lights. unfortunately, i thought paris was over-rated. then again, it was the least personal experience in the entire trip--it was complete tourism, with no interaction with the locals. all we did was rush from attraction to attraction. plus it was march, so there were no pretty trees or flowers... it was kinda drab. oh well, there's always next time ;)

montmartre is the artist's district, the center of bohemien life in the 1800-to-early-1900's, the home of the _moulin rouge_...
mrs. gerard sports a lovely hat i picked out for her.

and of course, paris wouldn't have been the same w.out an appearance by everyone's favourite french-canadienne chanteuse.

a lonely italien, on the bateau-mouche on the river seine. just in case you didnt know, italiens are even louder and annoying than americans !

hey remember that time in the métro [the french subway for all you non-francophones], when we were about to miss the train, so instead of waiting for the next one, the chaperones decided to make a run for it ? and remember how kyle & me were stuck behind like 10 french people as the doors were closing? and how john & the rest had to actually lean out and pull us in, as the doors were snapping us in half ? well in case you forgot, here's a photo of the moment right after that.

one of the funniest moments for me in paris--the drunk man on the métro. he was shouting _allons-y_ [_let's go_] and leaning out the window, dispite the warning label on the window next to him forbidding such behaviour ! the funniest part was that only me and a few other people noticed. id say the 2nd funniest was when i acted like a vampire and pounced on andrew & michelle [who were cuddling] in the hotel hallway. or maybe when the frenchman stole jaynelle's sweater and lied about it, then hid it out in the hallway while they searched his room.

the morning that we left the hotel alone w.out chaperones and went to the laundry mat. one of my fondest memories from the trip. this is how ill look back and remember the closeness of my friendships with these people. dispite some of the shitty happenings during the trip, this trumps any bad feelings. :)

this will be the album cover of the 1st cd that ill never release. title: _automat_

quelle horreur ! the horribly imfamous versailles photo [always imitated, never duplicated]... of me and madeleine. aw i miss you so much, rach.

just a random, completely unstaged photo that captures the essence of being me, sitting on a rock in marie antoinette's private gardens. haha. okay maybe it was staged.

no, it's not fake.

our last nite in paris, madeleine and i looking so _hypercool_.
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Time:2004-11-09 07:18 am (UTC)
i bet you could do that with photoshop too!

haha and i LOVE saying "hypercool" because it sounds like "ee-pare-cool"

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[icon] france. - and it breaks mon coeur qui bat
View:Entrées récentes.
View:Website (deviantArt: tuNages).