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Subject:there's a thin line between love and hate.
Time:09:31 am
Humeur actuelle:cynicalcynical
Musique actuelle:a thin line between love and hate_annie lennox
well, i dont hate you... but i should.
i guess it made it that much easier to forget you.

_nothing broekn but my heart_

i've been over you for some time now
i don't miss you before now anymore now
if you ask me how i'm doing, i'm fine
all i needed was a little time

you won't find no tears in my eyes now
if you think i'm sad that you're gone now
then you're wrong now
and all those nights we shared together
well they don't mean a thing

so if you still think that i need you
i don't think about you
i'm happy now without you

since you left me
you might think that my world's been torn apart
but if you see me
you'll see that nothing broekn. but my heart.
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Subject:week-end highlight, for old time sake
Time:08:40 am
Humeur actuelle:hungryhungry
Musique actuelle:brules pas test doigts_(the late) eddy marnay
thursday night jessica cut my hair again, friday i cant remember, saturday i hung out with chels, then went to a get-together with jessica and travis and taylor and the like. after work on sunday, i went to orange prairie park with nate from work and we took cool photos, then i went to nickis house and me and her and malia watched _rocky horror picture show_. i guess were going to have a weekly movie night, so thats fun.
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Subject:je me sens bien.
Time:09:36 am
Humeur actuelle:optimisticoptimistic
Musique actuelle:the district sleeps alone tonight_the postal service
today i am actually feeling optimistic. i hope thats lasts. unfortunately though, i woke up with a sore through and now it feels like theres a gross lump in it. incidently, this makes me hungry and thristy at the same time.



im bored, and thats im posting this.
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Subject:its burning hot in the icc north library.
Time:06:35 pm
Humeur actuelle:feverishly hot
Musique actuelle:faith_céline dion
im skipping bio. lecture tonite. i always walk in 5 minutes late, which sucks for a class that always starts 5 minutes early, but when i live 2 stoplights from the campus, its hard to get motivated to leave early.

today i stuck around the e.p. campus to catch the 2 o'clock showing of _farenheit 9/11_ in the college democrats room. it wasnt as completely awful as i thought it would be, but it still wasnt great.

a decent movie that portrays moores opinions/suppositions well ? yes.
the best film of the year (according to the cannes film festival). hell no !

an argument that always has bothered me is when demos hate bush for sitting in that classroom with the little kids and reading with them after he was notified of the attacks. well the the hell was he supposed to do ? jump up and say to the little kids "sorry, kiddies--ive got to go. people are being killed right now in the worst attack on american soil... dont be afraid though, i dont have any power over it at all and i completely wasnt expecting this either..." ???? uh no. i woulda been scared shitless too, even if i was president.

anyway. off to lab now.
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Time:01:31 pm
Humeur actuelle:impatient
Musique actuelle:bright eyes_bowl of oranges

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Subject:just as i assumed.
Time:12:49 pm
Humeur actuelle:gotta go pee
Musique actuelle:el tango de roxanne_moulin rouge
Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...mysterious
Your hugs are...to die for
Your eyes...burn into my heart
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Your love is...eternal
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Subject:ça y est c'est le week-end
Time:09:25 am
Humeur actuelle:caffinated
Musique actuelle:what a wonderful world_louis armstrong
this weekend:

mom visiting craig in AZ
nate at dads in KY
= me with the whole house to myself this weekend
= parTAY at my house... wait i dont have enough friends for a party...
well rach might be coming home this weekend, so maybe there will be enough people. if youre interested in hanging out saturday night, RSVP.
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Time:08:59 am
Humeur actuelle:draineddrained
Musique actuelle:if i could
last nite was hands down the most fun ive had in months. for the first time, i wasnt completely lonely and depressed. my friend and i and 2 girls he knows went to see _garden state_ (this would be my 3rd time in one week). then we walked across a big field to steak 'n shake (not the trashy one--the good one). it was a lot of fun--we talked, we laughed, we cried. and i think the waitress thought we were a double-date of gay people. but oh well.

then he and i walked to the atm down the road and had a nice talk. it feels good to talk again. thats something i miss a lot--letting out my emotions and having someone to listen.

anyway, then we stuck around for _napoleon dynamite_ (this would be my 4th time). it was so much fun. ferrets and all.

but on a matter completely unrelated, i am a little sad today. it breaks my heart to see people i care about make horrible decisions, or think really ignorant opinions. they prolly think i get angry cause i disagree with them, but i get angry cause it hurts me to see them hurt themselves (even though they dont realise it). then today in math class, i was thinking about all the people in the world that are going to hell. and that just kills me. i had to quickly think about something else, cause if i dwelled on it, i think i would have broke down and cried in class ! i mean i know theres nothing i or anyone else can truly do about it--its up to that individual and God, but i guess thats just something i have to accept.

this song is about a child, but it fits my thoughts well enough:
"if i could"
i'd protect you from the sadness in your eyes
give you courage in a world of compromise
i would teach you all the things i've never learned
and i'd help you cross the bridges that i've burned
i would try to shield your innocence from time
but the part of life i gave you isn't mine
i've watched you grow
so i could let you go
i would help you make it through the hungry years
but i know that i can never cry your tears
but i would
if i could
if i live in a time and place where you don't want to be
You don't have to walk along this road with me
my yesterday won't have to be your way
and there isn't very much that i can do
but i would
if i could.
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Subject:so let go. jump in. its so amazing here.
Time:12:57 am
Humeur actuelle:lethargiclethargic
Musique actuelle:let go_frou frou
went to see _garden state_ for the 2nd time tonite w/val & her brother. it was good again. i love it. it makes me feel happy and sad and lots of different things at the same time. im going to go see it again tomorrow i think.

p.s. e-mail valerie (veagan@siue.edu) and try your damndest to convice her that LJs are cool and were not losers. also tell her to start one up herself.
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Subject:ch-ch-ch-check it out.
Time:01:26 pm
Humeur actuelle:headache (mal alalalala tete)
Musique actuelle:changes_david bowie
go visit my photo page on www.deviantart.com... feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

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Subject:fill it out, bitch !
Time:08:48 pm
this was on travis' lj. so im doing it as well.

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. How have I affected you?
5. What do you think of me?
6. What's the fondest memory you have of me?
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8. Do you love me?
9. Do you have a crush on me?
10. Would you kiss me?
11. Would you hug me?
12. Physically, what stands out?
13. Emotionally, what stands out?
14. Do you wish I was cooler?
15. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I?
16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
17. Am I loveable?
18. How long have you known me?
19. Describe me in one word.
20. What was your first impression?
21. Do you still think that way about me now?
22. What do you think my weakness is?
23. Do you think I'll get married?
24. What makes me happy?
25. What makes me sad?
26. What reminds you of me?
27. If you could give me anything what would it be?
29. How well do you know me?
29. When's the last time you saw me?
30. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
31. Do you think I could kill someone?
32. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/or staying the same?
33. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
34. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?
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Subject:fun. fun. fun.
Time:08:26 pm
Which Napoleon Dynamite Character are You? by MemeMoose
Favorite Color
Amount of times you have seen the movie
You areLaFawnduh
Your future career isA pro street dancer
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Overall coolness factor: 38%
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Subject:mais ou es-tu aussi loin sans meme une adresse ?
Time:08:12 pm
Humeur actuelle:sola otro vez sin amor
Musique actuelle:um if you didnt see the list up there, youre a retard.
sad songs :
ne me quitte pas_jacques brel, nina simone, sting, marlene dietrich
if you go away [ne quitte pas]_dusty springfield, frank sinatra, patricia kaas, shirley bassey, neil diamond, cyndi lauper, eartha kitt, ray charles
all by myself_eric carmen
sola otro vez [all by myself]_céline dion
blue by myself_aretha franklin
today i sing the blues_aretha franklin
the saddest song i've got_annie lennox
fatiguée d'attendre_patricia kaas
j'attendais_céline dion
want you to want me [tu nages]_anggun
something so right_paul simon

i think of all the friends i know, but when i dial the telephone nobody's home.
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Subject:rain. rain. stay here.
Time:12:46 am
Humeur actuelle:hungryhungry
Musique actuelle:le ballet_céline dion = sex
tonight i went bike riding in the rain. noting quite like it. it didnt take long to get completely drenched. the only reason i ever came home is because my headphones started to sound weird from all the water in my ears.

i wish it would rain more often.


dont you hate it when you brush your teeth and then 10 seconds later youre starving to death ? its like the ulimate ultimatium--to eat or not to eat. if i eat, i wont be hungry anymore--but i must brush my teeth *twice*. if i choose to *not* eat, then my teeth stay clean but im still hungry. i choose not to eat, cause im really lazy and the thing i hate most is brushing my teeth.

well ive got to get up early and fix an english paper.


p.s. i finally figured out that the purple colour theme i had as my backround could be changed ! i hated it. anyway. i like the black better. it suits me, yes ?
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Subject:alone in my bed, the things that you said turn 'round in my head still/
Time:09:12 am
Humeur actuelle:crushedcrushed
Musique actuelle:honestly_annie lennox
yesterday was one of my worst days in my life. someone said some really difficult things to me. really hurt my feelings. i had a lot to think about yesterday, and even more not to say. needless to say, i was a bit depressed last nite.

so around 2.30am i went for a bike ride to let out some of my frustration and hopefully to ensure a better rest. well as i was finishing my last lap around the neighborhood, i noticed a car approaching me--with its headlights off ! so naturally i started to freak out and i pulled over into a side street. well, the car (with its lights finally turned on) followed me... so i stopped. it was a cop car. the cop started to ask me questions ("whats your name/address/age ?", "why are you out here so late ?", "whos bike is this ?", "have you seen anyone tonite ?"). then he frisked me... this was becoming a bit surreal. i starting to get nervous that i was going to be arrested for something really stupid like riding w/out headlights on the bike or something. then a 2nd sqaud car pulled up. they started to ask more questions about my bike ("is it registered ?" "how long have you owned it ?", etc.) well come to find out, there was a bike robbery on Brandywine and the suspects were riding in the vicinity... haha well the cop and told me to go home so i wouldnt be pulled over again.

well i did. two blocks from where i met the last 2 cops. so i had to get checked and confirmed a 2nd time. yeah. so i guess that was i sign that i shouldve just stayed home or something.

anyway i finally fell asleep around 4.45-5.00, only to reawake around 6.30am. so if im a little pissy today, those are a few reasons why. :)
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Subject:Mmm... Audrey Tautou
Time:09:18 am
Your Ultimate One Night Stand... by crispnite
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They bring...
You talk about...
You end up...getting tattoos!
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Subject:the greatest thing youll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
Time:10:32 pm
Humeur actuelle:i gotta go pee
Musique actuelle:something so right_paul simon
the other night i was falling asleep and something crossed my mind :
"its so difficult falling in love with someone who would never love you, but then why's is so damn easy too ?"
thats really a stupid thing i thought up. but its *kinda* true. i can just see myself growing up to be obsessed with people then just flipping out and turning into a complete crazy. i dont know what i want to do as an occupation, but i know that when i grow up, i want to be somebody's stalker. you know. and stand outside their house in the pouring rain watching them eating dinner with their family. or breaking in and stealing their crap. hm oh well. thats life. (or is it ?)

hm. i got my hair highlighted and lowlighted by becca--its very subtle. almost *too* subtle. i really like it though. and now i gel my hair up in a wave. its quite shocking for me.

well anyway i still have to piss like a race horse. bye. :)

p/s i made a new friend ! well not really. its an old friend and were friends again ! horray for me :)
*UPDATE* i was stood up ! well kinda. i called her up to see when she was going to come to our meeting place, and she decided to eat lunch with her mom instead !!! then she said she'd call later in the weekend (but she didnt of course). its sucks to be so damn gullible*
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Subject:all by myself sin amor.
Time:11:26 pm
Humeur actuelle:procrastinating
Musique actuelle:turn me on_nina simone
ugh im so... pissed/tired/bored/lonely/sick of school. for english 110, i have to write a paper telling a narative story of something that happened to me before i was 10. but i cant think of any single clear memory that could be written as a paper... let alone an interesting paper. all i can remember is just really random things.

plus the more i dwell on it, im not so sure my childhood was as happy as i remember it being.

im so bored of being lonely. whenever im bored i go to work and hang out there, but the person i usually hang out with the most there is gone this week. anyway. some of my friends are coming back for labour day... thats good, right ?

i miss clémence. we e-mail more frequently now than ever. im planning to go back to toulouse next summer and she wants to come to nyc with her friend... sounds like an expensive year ahead for an already-going-broke guy.

sorry if this is a little bit gloomy. it wasnt meant to be.

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Subject:ici les feuilles mortes apportent la pluie.
Time:09:05 am
Musique actuelle:amie_damien rice
so how amazing has the weather been this week ? seriously though. cause i woke up on monday and the sky was a 'vanilla' colour and 2 minutes later it just started to pour. Everyday since then, its been raining like a crazy.

mmmmmm. i love stormy days. i love the melancholy and all that stuff. PLUS i never run out of music to listen to. i have a few cds that i just catagorize as 'rainy day' cds. (i.e. norah jones, patricia kaas, damien rice, etc.). also, things seem a lot quiter when its raining outside. when i was walking in the school parking lot today, everyone walked in a dead silence. it was so peaceful and depressing. anyway. im weird like that.

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Subject:long time, no livejournal update.
Time:08:14 pm
Humeur actuelle:boredbored
Musique actuelle:hallelujah_rufus wainwright
i started college on wednesday. i like it a lot. i miss high school so much, mostly because of the closeness i felt with my friends and classmates, but i have to face the fact that i will never have friendships like that ever again. ive got to move on and make new friends. which is not something im especially good at.

almost everyone i used to hang out with left for college. hm. tonights my first night all alone, and as can be expected, i am bored. i am also a bit meloncholy because i think people dont like me.

last night i went to travis' party. that was fun. i like to watch people--not in a creepy way, but just observe them. what is the word... ... wallflower ? yes that must be it. i like when no one talks to me, or when they do, its always cause they feel bad for me--not out of interest. im not complaining thogh--there are perks to being a wallflower.

ive been working almost everyday. its kind of stressful. i dont like the new people we hired--one of them is lazy and stupid and the other one is lazy and creepy. today seth said he hates work and he applied for another job. i hope he doesnt get it--then it will be me and chelsea with ALL new people ! that would not be very cool at all. plus seth is really funny, and id miss that because im not so sure anyone else at work has a sense of humour.

well thats enough writing about things that no-one-will-truly-read-but-rather-skim-over for today. bye.

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Time:12:46 pm
oh i forgot about yesterday. i went to breakfast with rachel, tyler, jaynelle and val as usual at panera. wow. its been about 2 years that we've been going there on wednesday mornings (at 7am, but youre not invited).

then i went to borders meet up with some kids from school and the french kid Nicolas (PRONOUNCED : Nee-co-lah). the poor kid is staying with my french teacher for 3 weeks. :\ anyway we went to the wild buffalo wings place (which was probably tramatizing for him to see people eating messy food with their fingers and licking them--he used a fork haha).

then we went to see _the bourne supremecy_. it sucked. i loved , but this movie was so boring, long, tedious, confusing, and i couldnt even tell you what the purpose of the film was. plus i think julia stiles (who was only in it for about 5 minutes) is a terrible actress. i guess the car-chase scenes were alright. everyone else liked it, but i wish id gone to see or something like that.

then we went to my place of work to get some ice cream. then they left (nicolas is in chicago for a few days now, then hes going back home.)

it was fun i guess, although one person in the group may or may not have annoyed the hell out of me.
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Subject:j'ai coupé mes cheveux [«enfin» dirais-tu]
Time:12:35 pm
Humeur actuelle:indifferentindifferent
Musique actuelle:nothing broken but my heart_cd
i finally got my hair cut last night after work. ive been wanting it cut for a few weeks now. thanks becca. it looks really good.
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Subject:summer days are gone too soon. you shoot the moon and miss completely.
Time:12:33 am
Humeur actuelle:melancholy, but not sad
Musique actuelle:ne me quitte pas (if you go away)_ jacques brel
the past few days, all ive really done is work--not a lot--and hang out.

so i said i was going to rachel's house right ? well i was wrong. i left at 09:40 and got there at 12:15 the next morning. aparently she thought i was coming from a different exit and she gave me different directions. so i drove around in the boons for 2 hours and used 1/2 tank of gas :( finally i got there just as most of the people left. anyway i stayed there until 4:04 AM and talked to rachel, as usual :)we always have such deep conversations over coffee.

sunday was my favourite day this summer. went to church (dont think im going back to that particular church anymore for anything 'cept youth group--i didnt learn very much and thats not good). then i went to borders and stopped by at the grand prarie udder's to visit jessica and seth. it seems ___________ told seth that i hated him--2 minutes before i met him. so *thats* why he was kinda awkward that night.
anyway then jess invited me to my first "show" : the forecast, arresting the fall and sleeping at last. all bands sucked except sleeping at last--i bought their cd and i love it. which is weird cause i dont like a lot of that type of music. as usual, i resorted to my typical social-anexietic-wallflower mode--not speaking to almost anyone, and always looking uncomfortable yet arrogant. i love it so much. the ambience was incredible. there are so many little details and happenings that night that i hope ill never forget. thanks jess.

then i went to rachel mardt's house where we (me, steve, cass, val & jaynelle)cooked smores, played truth or dare and camped out in her backyard. fun.

lets see. i went to work on monday with a real buzz from the white merlot i had for dinner. which is odd, cause ive drank a lot of wine before, but for some reason that 1 glass gave me a buzz. needless to say, i had a real blast working...for some reason, there were 4 of us scheduled to work instead of 2, so me and rach went shopping and i bought my first clothes from the mall at AE. after work, we went to glen oak ampitheatre to see atlantis for $0.25. it was the worst cartoon ive ever seen. gosh it sucked. but it was fun.

well i think im going for a run. bye.


What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
You killed
With a
OnFebruary 5, 2010
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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Subject:recalled to life.
Time:12:18 pm
Humeur actuelle:soresore
Musique actuelle:foolish games (radio version)_ jewel
i started work again last nite. that was fun i guess. i got to clean obsessivly cause there was nothing else to do.

i also got my schedule for icc this fall. its packed (17 hours). im excited for my french class--sara strandquist has sung the teachers praises, so i think itll be fun.

yesterday morning marked the first france team breakfast since the last day of school. it was great to see rach again, but no one else but val and jaynelle showed up. tyler was out of town, andrew and michelle were working, marcus... wait what was he doing ? i hope someone called him ! i dont have his number. oh well theres always next week.

tonight after work, im going to rachel's house for france team movie night. it should be fun. i hope more people come. i also hope we make ice cream again :)
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Time:06:46 pm
Humeur actuelle:lethargiclethargic
Musique actuelle:goldfinger (james bond)_shirley bassey.. no friggin idea why
yesterday i woke up at like 6 p.m.
now its 6.49 p.m. [today]
hours of sleep = 0
reason = tryin to get back into sleeping habit of normal person who doesnt wake up after dark and go to bed after the sun rises...


today i mowed the grass. until the lawnmower broke. kinda.
luckily, i finally saw sunlight for the first time in 6 weeks.
now my back is mildly sunburned,
which will in a few days time
fade into a glorious shade of butt-white...
which is a slightly darker shade of my pallor as of this morning.

goldfEEEEngaaaaaaah beware of his midas toUch.

my life as-of-yet this summer has been awfully similar to living in a cocoon. in 3 days, i will emerge from this cocoon a p a p i l l o n. but will my colours have faded ?

i dont know if i want to go home. i mean i miss my car, my room, a handful of friends, my barnes & nobles, etc. but i dont think ill enjoy working after a 1/2 summer of sloth. sure i need money (if im returning to france / europe next summer), but gee it sure is stressful sometimes. and plus i forgot how to made anything. oops.

i miss clem. we emailed today. she misses me too. i miss france despite its more-than-obvious faults. im going back next summer.

oh and i should apply for college when i get back. that would be a good idea i think.
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Time:03:16 am

take the antisocial test.

and go to mewing.net. because laura's feeling social.

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Subject:france. afterthoughts.
Time:01:54 am
Humeur actuelle:nostalgicnostalgic
Musique actuelle:want you to want me_anggun
tonight i was just reflecting on my trip to france in march. it was probably the peak of my life, and i think i'll always look back on it as the last event of my senior year and the last event of my adolesence. it's such a landmark event in my life, yet it's the most surreal experience of my life. i know it sounds cliché, but it was like a dream in almost every aspect. when i try to remember things, i just get little bits and pieces--i think that's because it was such a metal overload that my mind just kinda shut down. it's all like it happened to someone else.

i think the best way i can illustrate it is like when your leg or arm falls asleep. you know it's there, but you can't really feel anything but numbness. you can see it, but you can't feel it.

it's sad to realise that none of us will ever be together ever again. we'll never be a group of 9 closely-knit seniors having the time of their lives in europe for 3 weeks, hating each other for 3 weeks. we'd been anticapting this trip for 2 years. alsost every wednesday morning of those 2 years, we would meet up at panera for breakfast before school. this was so important to us. it was our last hoorah. the most incredible way to end our run together.

no one else really cares either. "marianne" & "anton" (names were changed to protect identity)are so caught up in their relationship to pay attention to anything else; "janie" prolly doesnt care 'cause she "just doesnt do that sort of thing", "raquel" and "tyson" are alright, but pretty soon they'll be gone... the only people left are me a handful of others that i'm not really close to...

my gosh i wish it never ended. i dont give a damn that everyone was so irritable--i wanted to stay in that moment for the rest of my life.

before we even left, i decided that i would return in the summer of '05. no one really believes that im going back. and im not really sure i'll go by myself--unless i was determined to prove myself. fortuneatly, i plan to go with kyle. he wants to go backpacking across europe and he said i'm welcome to tag along.

people always tell me things like that, but apparently theyre always "sarcastic".
im refering to the time in france when "janie" said "we're definately gonna come back next summer" and i said "you promise!!???!?!" and she said "yeah of course !"... then about 2 weeks later she said she was being "sarcastic" and she "thought i knew it." she always says things like that. >:o

this would all be so much easier if i wasnt all like "hey im aaron and i dont like to move on in life" >:o
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Subject:oooooh a survey.
Time:02:14 am
Humeur actuelle:contentcontent
Musique actuelle:the winner takes it all_abba
FIRST SCREEN NAME: acee1912 for 5 days, then goonezRgoodEnuf
FIRST LOVE: deanna holden (2nd grade)
FIRST ENEMY: eh i dunno

LAST LIBRARY BOOK: from school, The State Against Blacks; from the public library, Holocaust : The Extermination of European Jewry :(
LAST MOVIE SEEN: La Vita è Bella (Life Is Beautiful)
LAST FOOD CONSUMED: hazelut flavoured coffee & mint chocolate chip ice cream
LAST PHONE CALL: hmmm... i think about 1 1/2 weeks ago to rachel dillard
LAST CD PLAYED: 1 Fille & 4 Types (1 Girl & 4 Guys) by Céline Dion
LAST ICE CREAM EATEN: mint chocolate chip ice cream
LAST TIME SCOLDED: oooh. i cant remember. before i left peoria i guess. perhaps by a co-worker that shall go unnamed...
LAST WEBSITE VISITED: www.cameltoe.org

I AM: nocturnal
I WISH: graduating didnt = never seeing people i care about ever again
I HATE: p.d.e., public displays of emotion
I FEAR: not knowing my future
I HEAR: a box-fan
I LOVE: being needy
I AM NOT: agressive
I DANCE: when im alone
I CRY: during sappy love songs
I AM NOT ALWAYS: a push-over
I WRITE: better than anyone else in my family
I CONFUSE: everyone including myself
I NEED: someone

__YES or NO__
YOU KEEP A DIARY: i kept a journal in france... and livejournal is a sort of diary. so... no.
YOU LIKE TO COOK: a little.
WANT TO GET MARRIED: possibly. im not sure exactly anymore. i think i hate kids ! (maybe just the ones im around all the time)
THINK YOURE A HEALTH FREAK: i used to be obsessive compulsive about germs, but im less worried about that, having been to france...
LIKE THUNDERSTORMS: oh yeah ! i sleep in our breezeway when there's a storm
CURRENT HAIR COLOR: medium-light brown
EYE COLOR: blue-green-grey
BIRTHPLACE: pocahontas, arkansas. yes theres a town called pocohontas (pokie for short) QUIT LAUGHING !!!!

CHOCOLATE MILK, OR HOT CHOCOLATE: hot chocolate (the B&B Hotel in paris has the best hot chocolate EVEEEEER !!!!)
COFFEE OR TEA: tea most of the time, but the coffee in a cereal bowl is nice ever since france
ITALY OR ENGLAND: oooooh tough choice... id like to live in both places, but i guess england because i already learned to speak the language
BUSH OR KERRY: hmmm... bush
FEMINISTS OR ENVIROMENTALISTS: enviromentalists any day
EARLY BIRD OR NOT-SO-EARLY-BIRD: not-so-early-bird
FAVOURITE ARTIST: edward hopper
FAVOURITE MUSICIAN: hmmm... annie lennox
FAVOURITE SONG: ooooh way too many to list...
FAVOURITE YEAR: 1998/6th grade

CRIED?: yes. i was listening to a song.
HELPED SOMEONE?: i really havent had a lot of contact with people in the past week. in fact i havent left the house in about 5 days.
SAID 'I LOVE YOU'?: never.
WRITTEN A REAL LETTER?: thank you notes for graduation money.
MISSED SOMEONE?: yes. wait--does freedom count ?
HUGGED SOMEONE?: heavens no !
FOUGHT WITH A FRIEND?: friends... i remember those...

EAT A BUG?: quite possibly
BUNGEE JUMP?: mmmm... why not ?
WALK ON HOT COALS?: if i needed to
BE A VEGETARIAN?: maybe. i could easily give up pork or and some beef.
SING KARAOKE?: maybe. i love singing, even tho ive got a horrible sound. i dont care ! unless it was in front of people im intimidated by... then no.
SHOPLIFT?: not since i got caught that one time...
DYE YOUR HAIR BLUE?: yes ive thought a lot about that actually.
CHEAT ON A TEST?: well maybe id write little reminders on my finger or something.
STAY UP ALL NIGHT?: thats the story of my life. last nite i went to bed at 7.30AM and woke up at 6.00PM today !
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Subject:ennui, my only companion.
Time:11:32 pm
Humeur actuelle:gotta go pee :-/
Musique actuelle:sola otra vez_céline dion
the days here in kentucky "visiting my father" have been going by slower than molasses. its really sad. instead of monday,tuesday, wednesday, etc. i have "that day i went to wal-mart" or "that day i watched that one movie."

"sola otra vez
no sé vivir
sola otra vez
sin amor..."

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Time:07:35 am
Humeur actuelle:nauseatednauseated
Musique actuelle:j'ai demandé à la lune_indochine
im tired. honestly, the only reason im posting now is because i have this wonderful song in my head, and youre the only one that cares. thank you.

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