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[icon] bored. - and it breaks mon coeur qui bat
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Time:05:00 pm
Humeur actuelle:blahblah
Musique actuelle:there must be an angel playing with my heart_the eurthymics
_what is your favourite..._
gum: the traditional pink bubble gum ball.
restaurant: hm im not sure. i dont eat much these days. i guess _le café_ cause ive been getting quiche there a lot lately.
drink: iced tea, non-sweet
season: autumn
type of weather: rain. cool, but not cold. cloudy.
emotion: melancholy
thing to do on a half day: go running errands. it feels like im important and i have things to do.
late-night activity: talking one-on-one, watching movies, late-night adventures in the park, flamingo rodeo, etc.
sport: board games
city: toulouse, france.
store: peugeot (_p-yuue-JUT_) on the champs-elysées in paris.

_when was the last time you..._
cried: um. sometime last week when i was really hurt. i woke up the next morning and bawled for a few minutes until i had to go to school.
played a sport: board games ? tuesday.
laughed: hm. its been a while.
hugged someone: i rarely make contact with other people, so i cant remember.
kissed someone: last week.
felt depressed: this afternoon.
felt elated: when i saw rach last weekend.
felt overworked: today.
faked sick: a couple days before the end of my senior year.
lied: probably yesterday.

_what was the last..._
word you said: later.
thing you ate: no-sugar-added chocolate pudding.
song you listened to: complainte de la butte_rufus wainwright.
thing you drank: brita water.
place you went to: lakeview library.
movie you saw: _and now... ladies and gentlemen_.
movie you rented: ooh. that has to be this summer. _butterfly effect_ ?
concert you attended: never been to one.

_who was the last person you..._
hugged: no one.
cried over: n/a
kissed: n/a
danced with: my reflection.
shared a secret with: truth or dare last week with some people from work.
had a sleepover with: last week.
called: chels
went to a movie with: myself.
saw: nathan.
were angry with: my mom.
couldn't take your eyes off of: hm. i cant remember.
obsessed over: haha like id tell you.

_have you ever..._
danced in the rain: of course.
kissed someone: once. well twice.
done drugs: cigarettes & achool.
drank alcohol: yes.
slept around: no.
partied 'til the sun came up: i guess.
had a movie marathon: yes.
gone too far on a dare: yes last week.
spun until you were immensely dizzy: yes.
taken a survey quite like this before: uh huh.
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[icon] bored. - and it breaks mon coeur qui bat
View:Entrées récentes.
View:Website (deviantArt: tuNages).