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Subject:Morning routine.
Time:09:10 am

You've ruined me.
Now in the morning when I wake up
I spend at least 5 minutes laying in bed,
wishing you were sleeping next to me.
And the next 10 minutes dreaming up elaborate ways
to spend our lives together
By the time I'm through dreaming,
I'm a love-sick puppy:
Hungry, cold and dying for your affection.
And running about 15 minutes late.

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Current Location:my bed
Subject:white noise
Time:04:15 pm
Humeur actuelle:adrenaline
Musique actuelle:box fan
about half an hour ago,
i was deep in sleep, deep in dream


i was in a store, a big one
watching a woman and her young daughter
the woman was rude crude
her daughter, barely old enough for kindergarten,
mimicked her words and actions.
i thought : just what the world needs--another bitch, brat
one day the girl would grow up to be an
even more horrible person than her mother.
and a mother worse than her own.
and so continues the cycle


i was outside on a road.
the sun was warm and the wind was calm.
beautiful, peaceful.
i looked at my phone, i had received a picture message.
when the picture opened, it was a landscape that seemed very familiar.
_where have i seen that... ?_ i wondered
i looked up
there it was.

i looked at the photo again in disbelief.
but it had changed to a different one, i could see a car.
similar to the one a few yards away from me, on the side of the road.
when i looked back at it, it was closer than before.
suddenly i was beside the car.
i opened the passenger side door and sat down to make sense of it.
i looked again at my screen and the image turned into a video.
with video comes sound, so i turned the volume louder
only to hear familiar voice. too familiar.
it was like mine, but not. a subconscious voice. almost dead.

i watched as the car began to roll, slowly at first then faster, towards the bottom of the hill.
this can.t be real. but it was. it is real.
my familiar artificial voice spoke with intensity words i fear :

_the time has come to stop
making excuses for yourself
for your faults
and stop judging others
the time has come to rise up and above and beyond
inside you rests so much power and potential
you cannot even imagine the possibilities
your existence is your choice
if you choose to ignore this fact you
choose to waste your potential
to waste your life..._

the words were speeding down the hill with me
i had to stop it.
i slid over into the driver.s seat and reached for the brakes but it was too late.
i opened the door--
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Current Location:my cold.ass house
Subject:restin' peace.
Time:02:53 am
Humeur actuelle:blankinsomniatic
Musique actuelle:ne me quitte pas_jacques brel
i rarely update my lj anymore,
mostly because my life is boring + uneventful these days...

but someone fucking broke into my car @ oneworld the other fucking day
[referred to affectionately as _hugo_ by me]
as well as my messenger bag + all of it contents...

i.m mostly upset about the 200 pictures i hadn.t uploaded yet,

oh. did i mention my ipod was in it, too ?
+ my journal.
+ another journal clem bought me the day i left toulouse.

although i could care less about the camera + ipod
[they can easily be replaced],
i.m really crushed about losing those journals... :[
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Current Location:my bro.s appt in mexico... i mean chicago
Time:12:52 pm
Humeur actuelle:bouncybouncy
Musique actuelle:come together_the beatles
the last few days i.ve been hanging out in chicago.
i had to come up here to see an eye specialist...

the verdict :
no, to macular degeneration
yes, to a rare, but now.dead virus that left scars in the central vision of my right eye, and in random spots in my left...
it.s not the greatest news, but at least i DO NOT have an incurable disease that will positively worsen with time.

but as for the rest of my birthday,
i had a blast... i guess.
my brother nate + i walked around town all day,
+ by some divine power, i was able to suppress any desire to purchase a single item.
really. it.s shocking how well i was able to control my shopping instincts.

well i missed my morning bus,
so i.m heading back on the next one.
gotta get ready.


EDIT : okay so i bought the _clockwork orange_ soundtrack @ virgin... but it was 12$ + i was going to buy it in peoria anyway...
oh and a fabulous book of french poetry, including selected works from jacques prevert ! but that doesn.t count either :-)
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Current Location:mariel.s study
Subject:joni mitchell is my new obsession.
Time:02:56 pm
Humeur actuelle:impressedamoureux
Musique actuelle:i.m a radio you turn me on_joni mitchell
for the past few weeks,
i.ve been on
a dangerous joni mitchell binge.

she.s a genious.
a master of words
a master of phrasing,
of emphasisation.

a true wonder to behold.

you should surely check out the following songs :

_you turn me on [i.m a radio]_
_both sides now_
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Subject:I <3 Steve
Time:02:57 pm
Humeur actuelle:hornyhorny

I have a huge crush on Steve Rogers. He is such a huge hottie studcake.
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Time:01:21 am

happy bastille day ! ! !
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Time:01:48 pm

You Have A Type B+ Personality


You're a pro at going with the flow
You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer
A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.
Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done
You're passionate - just selective about your passions

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Time:04:10 pm
Humeur actuelle:creative
Musique actuelle:bitte geh' nicht fort_marlene dietrich
1] aaron
2] phil
3] aaren

1] goonezrgoodenuf
2] imfondofrocks
3] thanxforthepen [current]

1] strangers think im quiet
2] i am very dedicated
3] im obsessive complusive

1] im always negative/pessimistic/complaining like a jew
2] i talk a lot about really trivial things & i interrupt
3] im too passive

1] french
2] german
3] english

1] the thought of me raising kids
2] lonliness
3] that in 10 years, i prolly wont be friends with my friends from high school anymore

1] chapstick [my lips hurt real bad]
2] a shower
3] my new jacket & sweaters from gap

1] boxers
2] j crew pajama pants
3] a fleece blanket

1] aretha franklin
2] céline dion
3] damien rice

1] ne me quitte pas [jacques brel]
2] the first time ever i saw your face [roberta flack]
3] if ever i would leave you [aretha franklin]

1] being more positive
2] talking less about myself
3] getting drunk

1] lifelong devotion
2] random excursions
3] just to love and be loved in return

1] makes me laugh
2] not banal. very unique & even a bit odd to most people
3] graceful necks

1] smell or look at gross things [vomit, spit, etc.] without gagging
2] save money
3] say those 3 words [_ j e t ’ a i m e _]

1] films
2] buying quirky things at thrift shops, antique stores, garage sales & goodwill
3] french

1] go to work
2] eat something
3] give my christmas presents to all my friends

1] translator
2] music video director
3] photo journalism

1] toulouse, france
2] italy
3] ireland

1] mordecai
2] ralph
3] seth

1] helene marie
2] kennedy rose
3] isabelle

1] fall in love with someone amazing
2] see the world with someone that person
3] to become a rock star
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Time:04:13 am
Humeur actuelle:relievedrelieved
Musique actuelle:valley winter song_fountains of wayne. i know. but its good.
this week has been fun/weird/boring.
tuesday i woke up early to eat ham&cheese quiche w/nicki. i think she liked it.
later i met up with nathan and we went on a shooting spree [of the photographic sort] :

we stopped at the antique store downtown & i bought a really emo book.

i threw the life preserver into the river.
it was lots of fun.

ran into shana & her friend. he said i was welcome to hang out with them later at his appartment [and i really wanted to] but somehow that didnt work out. me & rach & cass watched _napoleon dynamite_ but i fell asleep for most of it. then i hung out w/zac & we went to steak&shake. fun was had by all.

today i went to work & i was really depressed. i wanted to vomit. not because i was sick. but because i was sad.
then i felt better after a little girl threw up in the store. it made me feel better.
i was sad today because im not happy.

after work me & marcus & heather watched _the united states of leland_. its one of my favourite films now.

_uniquely predictable_
-marcus, describing how i recount my anecdotes.
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Time:09:08 am
Humeur actuelle:sympatheticsympathetic
Musique actuelle:walking in a winter wonderland_aretha franklin

a: first, recommend to me:

1] a movie:
2] a book:
3] a musical artist, song, or album:
4] an artist, contemporary, historical, ect

b: i want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. ask me anything you want.

c: copy & paste this for your journal

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Time:02:14 pm
Musique actuelle:ave maria_jewel
im making a christmas mix. any suggestions ?
heres what ive got so far:

adestes fideles [o come all ye faithful]_andrea bocelli
blue christmas_elvis
o christmas tree_charlie brown christmas
the real meaning of christmas [speech]_charlie brown christmas
walking in a winter wonderland_aretha franklin
walking in a winter wonderland_the eurythmics
minuit chrétien [oh holy night]_bruno peltieller
silver bells_bing crosby
the christmas song [chestnuts roasting on an open fire]_nat _king_ cole
christmas is all around_billy mack
you're a mean one, mister grinch_how the grinch stole christmas
have yourself a merry little christmas_judy garland
all i want for christmas is you_mariah carrey
christmas wrapping_the waitresses
let it snow_michael bublé
what child is this ?_john denver
ave maria_jewel

+ various songs from the _home alone_ soundtrack

i need your help to make the best christmas mix ever ! ! !
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Time:10:50 pm
Humeur actuelle:lethargicperplexed
Musique actuelle:et je t'aime encore_céline dion
honestly. how could you not know by know ? oh well i dont care.
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Time:12:29 pm
Humeur actuelle:accomplished
Musique actuelle:some song from the muszac at gap :-\

You Are the Reformer


You're a responsible person - with a clear sense of right and wrong.

High standards are important to you, and you do everything to meet them.

You are your own worst critic, feeling ashamed if you're not perfect.

You have the highest integrity, and people expect you to be fair.

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Subject:all i want for christmas is you.
Time:04:07 pm
Humeur actuelle:ecstaticecstatic
Musique actuelle:adeste fideles [o ! come all ye faithful]_andrea bocelli
09] a singing voice that could captivate & move millions, and most importantly, seduce anyone.]
08] the _amélie_ soundtrack
07] _arrested development : season 1_ on dvd
06] the _napoleon dynamite_ dvd
05] an apartment
04] to see audrey tautou's new film, _a very long engagement_[http://www.rollingstone.com/reviews/movie/_/id/6170626?pageid=rs.Reviews&pageregion=triple2&rnd=1102368173179&has-player=true&version=]
03] a new weiner dog [to replace the one my mom killed last year, which ironically replaced the one my big brother killed a couple years ago]
02] enough money to go back to france this summer :[
01] _________________ [insert name]
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Subject:i gots to go to work.
Time:11:43 am
Humeur actuelle:hungryhungry
Musique actuelle:christmas is all around_billy mack [love actually]

_i feel it in my finguuuhs,

  i feel it in my toes

  christ-mas iss all around us,

  so com'on and let it snow..._



13 random things you love...
01] things with character
toulouse, france
03] being freezing cold
04] panera breakfasts at
7.10am on wed. mornings w.the ones i care about most in the whole, wide world.
05] smoking on someone elses porch at
2.20am while they sleep, completely unaware
06] taking beautiful photographs
07] driving with the windows down, crying and belting out bombastic love songs w.the greatest singer in the world [céline, of course !]
08] when you get really giddy and drunk from staying up too late
09] the smell of old, musty books
10] spending large sums of money on worthless things because im depressed.
11] weiner dogs
12] films / songs / poems that change my life
13] old buildings that look kinda sad

12 films...
01] _the royal tenenbaums_
02] _le destin fabuleux d’amélie poulin_
03] _napoleon dynamite_
04] _bernice bobs her hair_
05] _the goonies_
06] _kindergarten cop_
07] _a very long engagement_ [the new film from Audrey tautou !
peoria will never show it tho cause its in french ! boo ! :(]
08] _dirty pretty things_

09] _garden state_

10] _adventures in babysitting_
11] _home alone 2: lost in new york_ [or _maman ! j’ai encore raté l’avion et je suis perdu a new york_ in french]
12] _eternal sunshine of the spotless mind_

11 good bands/artists...
01] aretha franklin [she overwhelms me with her incredible talent]

02] jean-jacques goldman
03] céline [of course… everyday i dislike her more and more, but she stills got the best potential]

04] renaud
05] damien rice
06] patricia kaas

07] the rolling stones
08] u2
09] the postal service
10] edward hopper [the painter]
11] jacques brel

10 things about you... physically…
01] 2 blue-grey eyes, 0 brown eyes
02] 5 ft. 10
03] ive got a cool scar on my arm from the waffle iron burning me at udd’s…
04] finger toes
05] 2 scars at the same exact spot on each of my shins [1 vertical, 1 horizontal] from when i fell on laura ringenberg’s front steps. theyre so cool—like stigmata or something.
06] i bite my nails
07] really thick, brown hair… poofy when long
08] big nose.
09] huge, dark birthmark covering part of my torso [less visible than in yesteryears]
10] ive got this little bb-sized knob sticking off the knuckle of my pinky [don’t know what it is or where it came from]

11 good friends [in no particular order]...
01] marcus
02] heather
03] malia
04] the rach
05] val
06] jaynelle
07] madeleine
08] gaston
09] michèle

10] amie

11] cass
dang i need some guy friends asap

8 favorite foods/drinks…
01] black coffee in a cereal bowl

02] spinach quiche

03] gateau basque
04] anything else my french family made me :’ (
05] honey almond ice cream :)
06] crushed ice and carbonated water from udd’s
07] green bean casserole

08] boûche de noël [joyeux noel ! jésus christ est né !]

7 things you wear daily…
01] my super-emo maroon adidas jacket
02] nothing [when i go to bed anyway]
03] burt’s bees wax
04] boxers
05] undershirt
06] chucks
07] socks

6 things that annoy you...
01] inconsistent formatting in documents [such as this one before i corrected it]
02] squeaky chairs
03] people that talk really loudly in the library
04] dumb & lazy co-workers

05] when i brush my teeth, then i get really hungry and have to eat something…
06] my mom

5 things you touch everyday…
01] my cell phone
02] my car keys
03] my alarm clock
04] my toothbrush
05] no one

4 shows you watch…
01] _arrested development_
02] _the simpsons_
03] _the newlyweds_
04] _degrassi_

3 celebrities you have a crush on…
01] audrey tautou
02] kate winslet
03] i think ive got a crush on céline dion

2 things you've done today…
01] crammed for a test that was post-poned to monday
02] coughed

one person you could spend the rest of your life with…
01] ___________________________________

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Time:09:44 am
Humeur actuelle:contentcontent
Musique actuelle:docteur renaud, mister raunard_renaud
i made a quiz for you on quizyourfriends.com

_click_ on the link below or _paste_ it into your browser.
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Subject:a night to remember.
Time:01:26 am
Humeur actuelle:relaxedrelaxed
Musique actuelle:delicate_damien rice
last night i had so much fun. my friend called me up and we decided to go to the riverfront at around 10 p.m.--just to hang out:

we walked around and took cool pictures
and i climbed a tree
and accidently killed a purtty spider web
then we followed a duck
and some seagulls
then we snuck aboard the dock of _the spirit of peoria_
and we threw wrought-iron chairs off the dock into the river
then we contemplated stealing the rowboat and setting sail on the illinois river
then we challenged a giant squid-man
then we took _aim_ smiley photos
then we walked in a rain of 100's of rose petals.

and then we made our way home
but we didnt get far
cause we started to talk a lot
and we talked
and talked
until 3 a.m.

it was so spontaneous and random and unique and new. it was incredible.
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Time:08:57 am
Humeur actuelle:hothot
Musique actuelle:these days_nico [the royal tenenbaums soundtrack]

finally our last stop, the city of lights. unfortunately, i thought paris was over-rated. then again, it was the least personal experience in the entire trip--it was complete tourism, with no interaction with the locals. all we did was rush from attraction to attraction. plus it was march, so there were no pretty trees or flowers... it was kinda drab. oh well, there's always next time ;)

montmartre is the artist's district, the center of bohemien life in the 1800-to-early-1900's, the home of the _moulin rouge_...
mrs. gerard sports a lovely hat i picked out for her.

and of course, paris wouldn't have been the same w.out an appearance by everyone's favourite french-canadienne chanteuse.

a lonely italien, on the bateau-mouche on the river seine. just in case you didnt know, italiens are even louder and annoying than americans !

hey remember that time in the métro [the french subway for all you non-francophones], when we were about to miss the train, so instead of waiting for the next one, the chaperones decided to make a run for it ? and remember how kyle & me were stuck behind like 10 french people as the doors were closing? and how john & the rest had to actually lean out and pull us in, as the doors were snapping us in half ? well in case you forgot, here's a photo of the moment right after that.

one of the funniest moments for me in paris--the drunk man on the métro. he was shouting _allons-y_ [_let's go_] and leaning out the window, dispite the warning label on the window next to him forbidding such behaviour ! the funniest part was that only me and a few other people noticed. id say the 2nd funniest was when i acted like a vampire and pounced on andrew & michelle [who were cuddling] in the hotel hallway. or maybe when the frenchman stole jaynelle's sweater and lied about it, then hid it out in the hallway while they searched his room.

the morning that we left the hotel alone w.out chaperones and went to the laundry mat. one of my fondest memories from the trip. this is how ill look back and remember the closeness of my friendships with these people. dispite some of the shitty happenings during the trip, this trumps any bad feelings. :)

this will be the album cover of the 1st cd that ill never release. title: _automat_

quelle horreur ! the horribly imfamous versailles photo [always imitated, never duplicated]... of me and madeleine. aw i miss you so much, rach.

just a random, completely unstaged photo that captures the essence of being me, sitting on a rock in marie antoinette's private gardens. haha. okay maybe it was staged.

no, it's not fake.

our last nite in paris, madeleine and i looking so _hypercool_.
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Time:11:40 am
Humeur actuelle:nostalgicnostalgic
Musique actuelle:take me out_franz ferdinand [still]
no doubt youve heard the legend of brenda, yes ? well if not, youre in luck. here is a special photo tribute to brenda's house and the wonderful experiences that will live on in our memories forever.

thanks brenda. i will never forget.

p.s. the green stuff tastes good. can i marry your daughter ?

what do you expect when you leave a small group of americans teenagers alone in the home of a french woman they hadnt met yet ? mishief of course !

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Time:10:21 am
Humeur actuelle:blahcaffinated/gots to go pee
Musique actuelle:take me out_franz ferdinand
saying goodbye to our toulousain families, before taking the train to poitiers.

boarding the train.

directly after our arrival in poitiers.


the infamous window at the church, where kyle and jaynelle [pictured]were locked on the roof one night.

how blindly we trusted ! how blindly we followed !
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Time:09:01 am
Humeur actuelle:anxiousanxious
Musique actuelle:ghosts_sleeping at last
_out and about toulouse_
can you believe this wedding party just walked in on our tour of toulouse's courthouse ???? how rude is that ??!?!?!!! haha i think the bride was kinda embarassed of dozens of americans snapping pictures and video of her.

just a few native locals.

andrew and i show our support for the local politicians. by mocking them.

the legendary _beluga_

my "penfriend", clémence

my last nite in toulouse :(

_at the castle of carcassonne_
kyle and l'homme a la moto

kyle makes a move on the medieval woman

mrs. gerard intrudes on andrew, in the very *public* bathroom [or w.c. in europe ;)]

madeleine and her sexy new shirt ;)

does the awkwardness of this moment translate into the photograph ?
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Subject:broek. but not yet completely broeken.
Time:01:04 am
Humeur actuelle:boredbored
Musique actuelle:ne me quitte pas_any of the 24 artists i downloaded
wow. its already thursday morning and i havent updated about last week-end. well friday night i skipped work and went to SIU-E to pick up the girls and their friend. then i had to drop them off at their homes, then we all drove to madeleine's house. fun fun fun. i missed them all so much ! it was *just* like the good old days. i cant wait for t-giving/christmas breaks. :)

saturday we roasted hotdogs and s'mores chez valerie. that was fun. i also got to have a nice _fire-side_ chat with her brother. hes cool.

also some of us started a new, secret club. how exciting. cant wait for the next session.

dang im broek. i spent all my money on school books, gas, food, a cell and a few random cds. oh plus $50 to drive my friends home this weekend. dang. im going to have to cut back on the spending. which sucks cause all of my spending is directly related to spending time with my friends. guess theres always alternatives to going out. like staying in.


anyway right now, life seems...
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Time:09:38 am
Humeur actuelle:boredheavy
Musique actuelle:amie_damien rice
over the next few days, ill be posting photos from france. it only took 7 mos. for me to get around to it, but enjoy them anyway.

the boys restroom at the foot of the main enterance/staircase of the french high school. take note of the wall made entirely of TRANSPARENT GLASS BRICKS.

our fearless leader...

and her teal-green ribbon and luggage tag. just in case she loses her coat.

eating lunch on the overhang of a mountain.

_i think i can, i think i can..._ the bus climbs its way to the top of the mountain road. while the chaperones walked down the hill cause they thought it was too dangerous.
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Subject:mme. deridder = too emo.
Time:09:37 am
Humeur actuelle:crappyheavy
Musique actuelle:amie_damien rice
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Time:05:00 pm
Humeur actuelle:blahblah
Musique actuelle:there must be an angel playing with my heart_the eurthymics
_what is your favourite..._
gum: the traditional pink bubble gum ball.
restaurant: hm im not sure. i dont eat much these days. i guess _le café_ cause ive been getting quiche there a lot lately.
drink: iced tea, non-sweet
season: autumn
type of weather: rain. cool, but not cold. cloudy.
emotion: melancholy
thing to do on a half day: go running errands. it feels like im important and i have things to do.
late-night activity: talking one-on-one, watching movies, late-night adventures in the park, flamingo rodeo, etc.
sport: board games
city: toulouse, france.
store: peugeot (_p-yuue-JUT_) on the champs-elysées in paris.

_when was the last time you..._
cried: um. sometime last week when i was really hurt. i woke up the next morning and bawled for a few minutes until i had to go to school.
played a sport: board games ? tuesday.
laughed: hm. its been a while.
hugged someone: i rarely make contact with other people, so i cant remember.
kissed someone: last week.
felt depressed: this afternoon.
felt elated: when i saw rach last weekend.
felt overworked: today.
faked sick: a couple days before the end of my senior year.
lied: probably yesterday.

_what was the last..._
word you said: later.
thing you ate: no-sugar-added chocolate pudding.
song you listened to: complainte de la butte_rufus wainwright.
thing you drank: brita water.
place you went to: lakeview library.
movie you saw: _and now... ladies and gentlemen_.
movie you rented: ooh. that has to be this summer. _butterfly effect_ ?
concert you attended: never been to one.

_who was the last person you..._
hugged: no one.
cried over: n/a
kissed: n/a
danced with: my reflection.
shared a secret with: truth or dare last week with some people from work.
had a sleepover with: last week.
called: chels
went to a movie with: myself.
saw: nathan.
were angry with: my mom.
couldn't take your eyes off of: hm. i cant remember.
obsessed over: haha like id tell you.

_have you ever..._
danced in the rain: of course.
kissed someone: once. well twice.
done drugs: cigarettes & achool.
drank alcohol: yes.
slept around: no.
partied 'til the sun came up: i guess.
had a movie marathon: yes.
gone too far on a dare: yes last week.
spun until you were immensely dizzy: yes.
taken a survey quite like this before: uh huh.
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Subject:je ne me sens pas bien dans ma peau.
Time:09:05 am
Humeur actuelle:pessimisticpessimistic
Musique actuelle:si je t'avais pas_jean-jacques goldman
ever wanted to completely change who you are and start all over again ? me too.
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Time:10:52 pm
Humeur actuelle:crushedcrushed
Musique actuelle:delicate_damien rice
ya know when you walk into a conversation and theres a devestatingly awkward silence cause you know they were just talking about you ?
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Time:06:50 pm
Humeur actuelle:restlessrestless
Musique actuelle:what a wonderful world_louis armstrong
this seemed like fun
1) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says: "...understanding of how..."

2) Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first? im not going to. theres a man there.

3) What is the last thing you watched on TV? music vids on vh1

4) WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what the time is. 6.51pm

5) Now look at the clock, what is the actual time? 6.51pm ! horray !

6) With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? the a/c running in the library, two people talking, the clicking of keyboards

7) When did you last step outside? what were you doing? getting out of my car for class at 5.50pm.

8) Before you came to this website, what did you look at? e-mail

9) What are you wearing? my maroon adidas running jacket, my blue mosquito tee no. 2, jeans.

10) Did you dream last night? yes, well this morning anyway. i remember that.

11) When did you last laugh? at lunch with chels.

12) What is on the walls of the room you are in? a cartoon of a cell phone with a circle around it and a line thru it.

13) Seen anything weird lately? _rocky horror picture show_ on sunday night

14) Last movie you saw? In the theater? _rocky horror picture show_; _napoleon dynamite_

15) If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first? the one i love (?) i dunno. a house in new england for autumn; a cabin in jackson hole wyoming; a parisien appartment; a house in toulouse, france; a vineyard in italy. i guess.

16) Tell me something about you that I don't know: i scare people. like the friends of my employees. they fear me cause im the manager ;)

17) If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do? abortion. those poor babies without a chance in the world :(

18) Do you like to dance? heck yesss ive just been practicing my dance moves with D-Quan.

19) George Bush: hm... im not so sure, but i guess so.

20) Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her? helen rose or kennedy rose

21) [Same question for a boy] noah, gavin or zeke

22) Would you ever consider living abroad? yeah. soon.
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Subject:rainy day = happy aaren
Time:08:58 am
Humeur actuelle:touchedtouched
Musique actuelle:la valse d'amélie_yann thierson
i want a baby.

hey i made a friend last night ! well i met her through a friend last week at barnes & noble, and last night i ran into her again in the café. shes so cool. we talked for a few hours about _amélie_, francophone music, musical, instruments, math, france, french class, _a brave new world_, raising children in a world of such horrible moral decline, the indecency of rap, materialism, the welfare system, racism, the apocolypse. you know. normal things.
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